Who are We?

Opportunity House is a recovery group home for alcoholics and addicts. House Directors annnd established residents offer peer counseling. We teach by example, how to live a responsible life without the need for drugs and or alcohol.

About Us

Our program is based on Recovery from drugs and alcohol through 12 Step Programs. Stability through sobriety and, responsibility, honesty, and accountability through maintaining employment. Only nonviolent applicants are considered. We only accept applications if you are over 18.

What it Takes?

An applicant’s willingness to change his lifestyle and maintain sobriety are paramount and must be indicated on his application as well as during his interview. Residents are evaluated monthly according to their progress and there attitude. We send these reports to anyone who has jurisdiction over the client. We accept only those who are capable of being employed. Our clients pay their own fees without assistance from family, insurance or government funds. Each resident is charged a monthly fee that covers, food, room, board, phone and transportation. Once a resident moves to phase II, their fees are reduced to reflect the responsibility they will take on for their own well being. We make it a priority to help them find gainful employment in our community .

Our Purpose

Opportunity House recognizes the need for an alternative to prison for non-violent drug and alcohol offenders. This is what we offer to those who sincerely was a changed way of life. We accept only those who have the ability to care for themselves, are employable, and admit their problems are unmanageable due to drug and alcohol abuse.

We demand three things of each resident, they are: 

1.Participation in AA/NA programs. 2. Staying completely sober. 3 Maintaining employment.

The end result is a productive and responsible citizen.

Get Help Today

We are here to help you change your life. Give us a call today.


P.O. Box 1924Hobbs, NM 88240